Friday, October 25, 2013

day 21

I am thankful for....

1) naptime.  Peyton is finally getting used to her toddler bed.  I am excited to finally get a shower today (I am still a little behind from a crazy week!)!

2) oatmeal.  Yum!

3) Courage Reins.  It's a neat horse therapy place by our house that I get to go volunteer at a few hours a month.  I wish I could do more!  (One day....)  They do incredible things there and the spirit of love and kindness there is so inspiring!  I love it!

4) double shifts.  Wes picked up a double today.  Although I miss him and hate it when he works long hours, I am grateful that he can when we need him to.  And I'm grateful for his willingness to work so hard to provide for his family.

5) Wes.  I just don't feel love from anywhere like I feel from him.  It just never stops.  No matter what.  It just grows and grows.  I feel so thankful for him....he is the apple of my eye.  ;)  I love waking up in his arms each morning.  I love being with him.  I love knowing that I can always depend on him.  I'm so proud of him and feel so lucky to be his wife!

day 20

I'm thankful for....

1) email.  It's just so easy and efficient.  It's a great way to get things accomplished and I am grateful to live during a time that it's such a common, useful part of life.

2) flexible time.  I'm lucky enough to not have to work.  Even though with four kids life is CRAZY, I still feel like every day is so flexible and such an adventure!

3) Power of Moms.  I've had a crazy, busy year or so of my life, and I haven't gotten to spend as much time with all of the amazing things over at Power of Moms.  But, I have been able to continue (with breaks when I needed them) to volunteer my time and be involved with such an incredible organization!  I'm so grateful for Power of Moms.  I love feeling connected to so many like-minded women, all battling and learning about being the best mothers we can.  If you haven't heard of Power of Moms, check them out here.

4) Jonah's school.  I am blown away every time we go there.  I am blown away by his progress.  I am blown away by the love that is there.  I am blown away by the talents, skills, knowledge, and support of these people.  I am blown away that Jonah got the opportunity to go here.  This experience will help him (and us) throughout his life.  I feel so, SO thankful for the opportunity he has to go there.

5) my chiropractor.  Wes and I got to visit him today and feel so relaxed.  I am so thankful for all the knowledge and means to maintain a healthy body.

day 19

Today I'm grateful for....

1) our chickens.  I got to run them some treats today (it's usually my boys that go do it).  They are just so sweet and beautiful in their own, chicken-like way.  I'm glad we got them this spring.  We've enjoyed the character and humor they have, the yummy eggs, the pest control, and the lessons in care and responsibility they teach our kids.

2) nice teeth. I feel so thankful for good teeth. I do take good care of them, because I like having good teeth and a clean mouth.  :)

3) the pumpkin walk at the big boy' school.  It's such a cute event!  It gets better and better every year.  I'll have to post some pictures when I pull them off my camera, but in the meantime, we sure appreciated all of the hard work and generosity that goes into such a huge project.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and the family time.  I'm so glad that our school has this tradition!

4) Kolton.  My oldest child.  He is just an AMAZING example to me of love and leadership and giving.  He has been with me through it all, and has dealt with Micah and Jonah's weaknesses more than just about anyone (other than them, of course) and he has done it all with a loving, good attitude.  He just blows me away. the other day, I heard him helping Micah take a shower.  He walked him through every step so patiently and kindly.  He truly does love and enjoy his siblings.  He sets a great example and is so obedient and determined to do the right thing.  I love that he loves to talk to me.  I love that we share that love of quality time and that he tells me everything.  I love how sweet he is to his little sister.  I love how he can do anything he sets his mind to.  He's recently fallen in love with reading and I still feel like jumping for joy when I see him carrying a book around with him (like me) wherever he goes.  I feel so lucky to get to be this kid's mom.  He brings me so much joy and teaches me so much about love, kindness, and trying my best.  He's such a little sweetheart and I just love him to pieces! 

day 18

I am grateful for....

1) my big boys' school.  It really is a great school and I feel so thankful that they get to go there.  And I love getting to go there and be involved whenever I can.  School is so fun!

2) ABA therapy.  I am just continually blown away by the progress my boys have made.  I won't say it's is HARD to coordinate and stay committed to.  You have to make a lot of sacrifices and work very hard.  But, when I see the incredible things I see, it confirms the fact that this really is the best thing for my boys and that it will help them meet their potential and experience so much more joy in their lives.  I'm so grateful that they've gotten the opportunity to do ABA.

3) my family.  I love that we are close.  I love that we love each other.  It warms my heart when I see the love my kids have for each other and for Wes and I.  I enjoy them so much and feel so blessed to have my sweet family.  I love learning for myself how love multiplies.  :)

4) Dave Ramsey.  I love the things I've learned about my finances and about faith from him.  I'm grateful that we have a plan for our lives and for the legacy we are going to leave our family.  I'm also grateful that I can flip on his show at night when I pop the kids in the car to go for a drive and settle them down.

5) Wes' job.  I feel so blessed that he's got a good one.  We are very lucky!

day 17

I'm thankful for.....

1) learning from overcommitting.  I've been doing less of it lately, but got myself in a bind this week that I will not forget anytime soon!  I'm glad that I know that at least my overcommitting was helpful to someone, and that it taught me a valuable lesson not to say "yes" anymore before thinking about it!

2) my mom.  She was involved in the over commitment and is learning the same lesson as me!  I'm glad I at least get to share the load with someone, and that we can laugh about it!

3) my Silhouette.  It's so much fun to use, and is saving me a lot of time today with this huge project!  And it's been a little moody lately, so I'm extremely grateful that it decided to work beautifully all day!

4) the scriptures.  I love reading them and realizing the wealth of information there.  I feel good knowing that all throughout history, people have struggles with a lot of the same things I have.  I guess that what makes is such a great learning experience to read them.  :)

5) laughter.  It really is the best medicine! 

day 16

Today I feel very grateful for....

1) sleeping in.  Wes sure loved sleeping in today!  And we loved the soft, cozy beds that we woke up in this morning at this amazing hotel.

2) games.  I love to play games.  I'm even more grateful that we t least have one kid (Kolton) who has inherited my love for playing games!

3) blogs.  I love to be able to read other people's ramblings and thoughts.  I love to see the pictures.  I learn a lot from the things people share.  Wes and I found a blog recently of someone that shares our faith, but also shares a lot of the same struggles with our church that we have.  I have totally soaked in the research and opinions he's shared.  Reading his blog actually strengthened my faith and lifted so much of the burdens I've felt pertaining to my faith.  I feel so grateful that he had the courage to share his thoughts and hope that he continues to do so.  I love the gospel and I love the head of our church: Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful for his shining example of love, kindness, forgiveness, service, and compassion.  I hope to radiate those things in my own life. 
I've realized that I'm not alone and felt confirmed in the fact that I am not the only one who shares certain beliefs.  I realized once again, that what I feel in my heart is what's right for me.  Putting too much emphasis on conforming to someone else's opinion is not right.  I hope I can teach this to my children, as well as to emulate the love of Christ in everything they do.

4) the Alpine Slide.  We went today as a family.  It's a tradition we started a few years back, and it's among our favorites.  It's so fun, and the mountains are so beautiful.  We made it in this year by the skin of our teeth (on the last day they were open for the season) and we are so glad we did.  I got to ride down with Jonah and hear him laugh and cheer the entire time.  It was such a blast!

5) home sweet home.  There's nothing more I like to come back to.  I'm so thankful for a beautiful, safe, cozy home to come back to at the end of the day.

day 15

I am grateful for....

1) the Rapellas.  When Wes and I were first married, we moved straightaway to Nevada so he could go to pharmacy school.  I felt so lonely and scared.  I wanted to be with Wes, but I did NOT want to leave my family and friends and Utah.  All in all, it's one of the sweeter times in our lives...going off and being newlyweds together.  And we had a family down in Nevada: the Rapellas.  I had the privilege of being the nanny to their two amazing, beautiful, sweet little girls.  Very shortly, Ruth became my mom away from home.  The Rapellas are some of our dearest friends.  They are the kindest, most loving, generous people I know.  Imagine how thrilled we were when they decided to move up to Utah!  We did all we could to help and we so happy to see them settle in to their beautiful new home.  We love them so much and hope that we will be seeing more of them now that they are in the same state.  :)

2) family time.  Thanks to our friends, the Rapellas, we are spending some amazing family time together in Deer Valley at a beautiful, comfortable hotel that they gifted us a night at for Christmas.  It's beautiful up here and I feel sooo lucky to be here thanks to a generous gift and with some of my very favorite people.  I can never get enough of my family!

3) our car.  I love that it has room for all of my overpacking.  I love how comfortable and pampered I feel in it.  I love how reliable it is.  I am so grateful for our car!

4) forgiveness and reconnecting.  I got to have lunch today with my cousin, Tim.  We've had some ups and downs in our lives, largely in part of some mistakes and unkind words.  I'm so grateful that we got the chance to reconnect and that we were able to forgive (and hopefully forget) the past.  It's been one of the great learning experiences in my life.  I hope I don't forget the biggest lesson I learned: to love people, no matter what.  And how good it feels to do that.

5) cooking.  I really have come to enjoy cooking, and I'm thankful that I've gotten the hang of it over the years.  It brings me so much joy to cook and share the food I've made with others.  I enjoy it as well.  And I love that Wes likes to cook as well because I really, really enjoy cooking together.